The Capture Of Dzhokar Tsarnaev: How It All Went Down

In case you’re wondering, here’s the blow-by-blow about how Boston’s finest and bravest eventually snagged Dzhokar Tsarnaev, one of the two terrorists responsible for the Boston bombing.


1. A Boston resident named David Henneberry stepped outside of his house for some fresh air around 5:45, after authorities had permitted residents to do so. Looking at his boat, he noticed that the tarp had been lifted and a strap had been cut.





2. Henneberry climbed into his boat for a closer look, and found a pool of blood and what appeared to be a crumpled body.




3. Henneberry did not play hero. He left the boat, went inside, and called 911. The police dispatched a helicopter and used thermal imaging to determine that Tsarnaev was in the boat.





4. Within minutes, police, SWAT, ATF, and even K-9 units arrived on the scene and were prepared for action.







5. Tsarnaev fired at the police and a gunfight took place, featuring some 40 shots. Tsarnaev was apparently wounded in the battle, and he was previously injured in another shootout from the night before (hence the blood already in the boat).



6. Police evacuate civilians from the area.




7. Police sent a robot into the scene to remove the tarp from the boat.




8. There was some talk on the scanner of a negotiator being called in, but it is unclear if the negotiator was ever needed.




9. “Flashbangs” were used to help lure Tsarnaev out. Flashbangs are stun grenades, meant to disorient an enemy, but not kill him.




10. Radio chatter indicated that the flashbangs were ineffective, but some news reports say that they helped lure him out. Eventually, around 8:45 PM, Tsarnaev climbed out of the boat and gave himself up.




11. Here are the police taking him into custody.




12. Here he is being put in the ambulance.




13. Police celebrate afterwards.

police1 police2 police3



14. Boston residents praise the police afterwards.

praise1 praise2 praise3



15. Boston celebrates

celeb1 celeb2 celeb3



16. Tsarnaev is taken to the hospital for treatment.




(The Daily Mail)

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