Video Blogs
Popmodal - Great video blog with a particular emphasis on Ann Coulter videos. This is one of the pioneers of conservative video blogging.
Freedom's Lighthouse - This one isn't exclusively video, but it does contain a lot of great videos. I check it daily.
EyeBlast - Contains a lot of videos pointing out left-wing media bias. I check it several times per day.
Right Wing Video - Some conservative videos (mostly from YouTube) with a lot of nonsense videos that have absolutely nothing to do with the conservative movement. Still, I check it daily.
Pajamas TV - Lame name, but it's got some pretty good conservative videos.
Conservative TV Online - Another conservative video site.
YouTube Channels
Pundit Al's - Great potpourri of conservative thought in video format.
Shanklin Mike - Big fan of Ron Paul here.
RealClearPolitics - Should probably be renamed to "The All-Limbaugh Channel".
YAFTV - The Young Americans Foundation channel on YouTube.
BORNTWYCE - Contains several great videos (many of them multi-part videos) with a very strong emphasis on cultural conservatism.
Steven Crowder - Conservative comedian on YouTube.
Dennis Miller - The polysyllabic (and often profane) rants of a recovering liberal.
Blogs You Have To Actually Read
Michelle Malkin - The queen of conservative blogging.
Ace Of Spades - I must confess that I have not visited this site that much, but it is conservative, and the webmaster posted a link here once. So I am returning the favor.
Moonbattery - Can't possibly be anything wrong with a blog named Moonbattery.
Right Wing News - As the name implies.
NewsBusters - highlighting lamestream media bias.
The Blaze - Glenn Beck's newspaper.
Big Government - Andrew Breitbart's site.
Warning Signs - Alan Caruba's site.
Red State - Erick Erickson's answer to Daily Kos.
Sweetness & Light - CPAC's blog of the year for 2009. Plus, if it's good enough for Ann Coulter, it's good enough for me.
The Other McCain - An affable conservative blogger with a strong command of the English language.
InstaPundit - I have no idea what's going on with this blog, but every other conservative blog links to it. So I will, too.
Little Miss Attila - A very well-designed conservative blog with plenty of humorous elements.
ConUrls - A conservative blog aggregator. See every headline in one stop!
Common Cents - Another great entry in the blogosphere.
Other: Please Specify - Yes, there are plenty of other conservative blogs to which I have not linked (yet). Please be advised that if you are the webmaster for one of these blogs, this is not due to the fact that I don't think your blog is "worthy". I simply had to move on to other priorities. If you like, you can contact me about a blog you would like included.
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