Obama Says With A Straight Face That He Actually Wants To Govern March 12, 2013

Addressing the new astro-turf organization called Organizing For America, which promotes working-class, Democratic values by promising an audience with the President for the tidy sum of $500,000, President Obama said, "I just want to govern."

For some reason, no one laughed.

We're fairly certain that if he was as interested in actually governing as he was in vilifying Republicans, the national debt would be cut in half, there would be millions more people in the labor force, and Joe Biden would be playing shuffleboard at The Villages when he's not examining the lint in his navel.

The full quote of what President Obama told his attack poodles is more interesting: "I actually just want to govern – at least for a couple of years."

A couple of years? We'd settle for a couple of minutes.



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