Sen. Patty Murray Thinks It's Funny That The Senate Hasn't Passed A Budget In 4 Years March 14, 2013

Hey, did you hear the one about the Senate that neglected its responsibility for 4 years? Well if not, Sen. Patty Murray has a really, super funny thing for you!

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray, D-Wash., held a hearing on the first budget proposed by Senate Democrats in four years, and the significance of the moment was not lost on her.

“I understand we have a new pope and a committee hearing to mark up a budget; that’s history twice, so that’s good,” Murray quipped at the outset.

That's hilarious, isn't it?

We're not sure if she's got any jokes about the fact that numerous Senators will violate their oaths of office by supporting unconstitutional gun control legislation, but hopefully she can work that into her act!

Hopefully, we'll see her headlining some place called "The Funny Bone" or "The Laugh Factory" soon enough!

(Washington Examiner)


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