Poll: Obama's Not Winning The Sequester Fight March 5, 2013

According to a CBS News poll, 53% says that the sequester will impact them personally, 39% say it will not impact them.

However, the "blame" numbers are far more interesting. 38% of respondents blame "Republicans in Congress" for the failure to reach an agreement to avoid sequestration. 33% blame "Obama/Democrats in Congress". While that is a 5 point lead for the President and the Democrats, it's a statistically insignificant one. It's certainly not enough to make the definitive claim that President Obama has the upper hand in this debate.

It gets better. Among independents, 33% blame the GOP, while 31% blame the President and the Dems. That's even less statistically significant than when partisans are included. It's basically a tie.

Bottom line: It doesn't appear, at this point anyway, that Republicans will be suffering politically now that sequestration has happened. We think that is a good thing.

(CBS News via Jim Geraghty)


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