Bob Woodward: Public Enemy #1 February 28, 2013

Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, it is clear that there is no more vile or despicable human being on the planet than Bob Woodward.

It's too bad that Keith Olbermann isn't on TV any more, or he could devote a whole hour explaining why Bob Woodward is "The Worst Person In The World".

Actually, it would probably take 2 hours.

You see, Bob Woodward is doing something that is absolutely disgraceful: He is telling the truth about the Obama Administration. Actually, it's worse than that: He is telling the truth about the Obama Administration in a way that makes the Obama Administration look bad.

Speaking truth to power? That should be a felony.

The problem is that Mr. Woodward is reiterating the inconvenient truth that the sequester was President Obama's idea, while Obama is travelling all over the place trying to blame the sequester on the Republicans. That way, if something bad happens (which probably won't be the case - but saying that should also be a felony), then the guy whose middle name is Hussein (another inconvenient truth) can just point his finger at the GOP and say, "See! It's all their fault! Vote them out of office in 2014!"

The fact that it's not "all their fault" is irrelevant. The fact that the sequester was President Obama's idea is irrelevant. Let's be clear: It is only acceptable to report things that make the President look good and/or make the Republicans look bad. This is why Bob Woodward is so evil, because he is violating this First, Great Commandment.

And now, it seems, The White House has been forced, because of his reporting, to declare war on Bob Woodward. This is really sad because The White House is already busy fighting a war against Fox News. How can this intrepid reporter expect the executive branch of our federal government to fight a war on two fronts?

Watch as much of the video below as you can stand. Just watch how Mr. Woodward is exercising his First Amendment right (as though that right is more important than heaping praise on President Obama) to say something that is factually accurate.

It's been a long time since we've seen this type of disgraceful behavior in a journalist.


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