Newtown Dad Who Was The Focus Of MSNBC's Deceptive Edit Says He's Still Waiting For An Answer February 28, 2013

You have got to be kidding.

You have really got to be kidding.

Neil Heslin, the poor father of a child murdered at Newtown, Connecticut last year, says that he is still waiting for an answer as to why people need what he calls "assault weapons".

Now, that wouldn't bother us in the least if there wasn't an enormous groundswell of controversy over the fact that this question was actually answered by Second Amdendment supporters when he asked it at a Newtown hearing last month and the answer was used to make those Second Amendment supporters look bad.

If you've been immune to Second Amendment controversies over the past couple of months, then maybe you haven't heard. The whole thing is explained here, but here it is in a nutshell: This dad, Neil Heslin, testified last month at a Newtown hearing about gun violence. During his testimony, he asked why anyone would need an assault weapon. He didn't receive an answer, so he looked around, as though expecting an answer. That's when some members of the audience actually answered by saying things like "Second Amendment" and "our rights will not be infringed!"

Now, that's hardly the stuff of controversy, except for the fact that MSNBC exists to make Second Amendment supporters look bad. So MSNBC edits out the part where Mr. Heslin was clearly looking for an answer, and just cut to the audience members answering him. MSNBC went on to portray the audience answers as "heckling" a dad who lost his son in the tragedy.

Of course, it's pretty much like saying that the sun rises in the east these days to say that MSNBC deceptively edited a video to promote a left-wing narrative. So that's not really the surprising part here.

What's surprising is that Mr. Heslin says he is still waiting for an answer to his question about "assault weapons". Did he completely miss the fact that the answer he received last month generated a national media controversy?

Here's what he said at yesterday's hearing: "I asked a question month ago: What purpose those serve in civilians' hands or on the street? I haven't received an answer yet, but they did blurt 'the Second Amendment.' It wasn't about the Second Amendment. I defend the Second Amendment. And I want to see that upheld and regulated. And it hasn't been."

Yes, Mr. Heslin, you have "received an answer yet". And, what's even worse, you repeat the answer yourself. It is about the Second Amendment, because that amendment says that our right to keep and bear arms "shall not be infringed". And the latest gun control efforts are an attempt to infringe that right.

We're sorry for your loss, Mr. Heslin, more than you'll ever know. But to say that your question hasn't been answered is ridiculous.


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