U.S. Senate Drops Extremely High Priority Probe Of 'Zero Dark Thirty' February 26, 2013

In an extremely troubling move for freedom-loving Americans everywhere, the upper chamber of our federal legislature will no longer try to determine why a Hollywood director had the audacity to include a scene in a movie.

Zero Dark Thirty, as you know, made the hideous mistake of including a scene which portrayed enhanced interrogation techniques as effective. It's not important that those techniques really were effective at all. It's far more important that Hollywood productions promote every left-wing narrative, without deviation.

What's even worse: Leading people to believe the truth (that is, that enhanced interrogation tactics helped us get bin Laden) might actually lead people to say something good about former President George W. Bush. And that is currently an unpardonable sin in Hollyood.

Well, not as unpardonable as saying something good about Cheney, maybe.

But alas, now that the Senate has absolved itself of responsible oversight, what will Senators do with their time? So what if the Senate hasn't passed a budget in years. A MOVIE SHOWED ENHANCED INTERROGATIONS AS BEING EFFECTIVE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Please contact your Senators immediately to get them back on the right track. We really need to know why this truthful, historically accurate scene was included in a truthful, historically accurate movie.

Let's hold our elected officials accountable, folks. Together we can make it happen.


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