Great News: Penalty For Owning A Beretta 9mm In New York More Severe Than For Being A Sex Offender February 26, 2013

It's about time that New York brought some common sense to the whole "gun control" debate.

We know that there are people out there who probably think that "persistent sexual abuse" is a pretty serious crime. But we're certain that it is not nearly as bad as owning a Beretta 9mm. You see, owning a Beretta 9mm is really bad, bad, baaaaaad because a Beretta 9mm has a magazine which can hold (gasp!) FIFTEEN ROUNDS!

Now, add those FIFTEEN ROUNDS to the one in the chamber and you have (double gasp!) SIXTEEN ROUNDS!

And owning a gun that can hold SIXTEEN ROUNDS (the horror!) is way worse than "persistent sexual abuse". And that is why "persistent sexual abuse" in New York is a Class E felony while owning a Beretta 9mm is Class D felony (meaning that owning the gun is a "worse" felony).

Some people probably think that "criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation" is a really heinous crime because, after all, that can kill someone. But hey, it's not nearly as bad as owning a gun with a magazine that can hold 11 or more rounds. And so the good legislators in Albany made sure that "criminal obstuction of breathing or blood circulation" is only a misdemeanor, but owning a weapon that you can use to defend yourself against multiple bad guys is a Class D felony.

Oh, wait. It's actually a Class D "violent" felony to own said gun. Let's get our facts right.

And let's be clear: We totally agree with Gov. Cuomo of the great state of New York that owning a gun with a high-capacity magazine is a far worse crime than female genital mutilation, criminally negligent homicide, third degree rape, forcible touching, unlawful imprisonment, fourth degree arson, use of a child to commit a controlled substance offense, or third degree incest. And so we're quite happy that owning said gun is a Class D felony while all of those other acts are misdemeanors or Class E felonies.

You people who line in New York must be so proud of your state government!


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