Loss, Explained: Romney Strategist Says Media Not 'In The Tank' For Obama February 24, 2013

In case you're still wondering how in the world President Obama could possibly get re-elected with unemployment near 8%, please wonder no more.

His top strategist didn't even understand the enemy.

Ever since then-Senator Barack Obama first took a lead in the 2008 Democratic primary, the political news media has faced the accusation that they are “in the tank” for the now-second term President Obama. On Sunday morning’s Reliable Sources, the press got a qualified defense from a surprising source: Mitt Romney chief strategist Stuart Stevens. Host Howard Kurtz asked Stevens if ” much of the media is in the tank for Barack Obama,” to which Stevens replied, “In the tank? I would say no.”

Well, he's right in this sense: The lamestream media is not exactly "in the tank" for Obama. They are in the deep end of the ocean.

But we don't think that's what Mr. Stevens meant. We think that he's so oblivious to what he was up against that he probably also thinks that Chris "Thank God For Hurricane Sandy" Matthews is a Republican.

It's this simple: If you don't understand your enemy, you're going to lose. Mr. Stevens didn't, and he lost.



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