NY Post: Obama Has A Jay-Z Problem February 24, 2013

Over at The New York Post, Phil Mushnick highlights lamestream media inconsistency number 345,623,900.

Imagine if our previous president, George W. Bush, made the political and social scene with this fellow, a wealthy campaign contributor and inaugural VIP guest:

An ex-con entertainer who wrote and performed songs loaded with hate for gays, women and black men...

It wouldn't have happened because it couldn't have happened...

Yet, this same presidential buddy exists in and around the Obama White House in the form of rapper Jay-Z. The media, however, won't touch it...

Black men are "N----z." For crying out loud, Jay-Z has done more to return the N-word to mainstream dialogue than any 10,000 white racists working as one.

Women, at best, are "bitches and whores" to be immediately discarded after sex and their usefulness described in the most vulgar terms. (The Obamas have two daughters).

Jay-Z has scripted, recorded and sold songs belittling homosexuals as "f----s" and the Spanish slur for gays, "m------s."


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