Sen. Ted Cruz: Yeah, There Really Were Communists At Harvard Law School February 24, 2013

We love this guy.

We really, really love this guy.

In case you haven't heard, The New Yorker reported a couple of days ago that Sen. Ted Cruz claimed that there were no less than a dozen communists at Harvard Law School.

Cruz, for his part, has decided to respond.

Not only does he not deny the allegation that he claimed there were commies at HLS, but he has doubled-down on his accusation.

Did we mention that we love this guy?

"It's curious that the New Yorker would dredge up a three-year-old speech and call it 'news'." [Cruz spokeswoman Catherine] Frazier said in a statement to TheBlaze late Friday. "Regardless, Senator Cruz's substantive point was absolutely correct: in the mid-1990s, the Harvard Law School faculty included numerous self-described proponents of 'critical legal studies' - a school of thought explicitly derived from Marxism - and they far outnumbered Republicans..."

Frazier defended Cruz's original assertion, stating: "As two professors explained in the Stanford Law Review in 1984: 'A large segment of the [critical legal studies] membership forms part of the revisionist wing of Marxism. These members remain faithful to the central premises of Marx's thought, especially to the view that the material conditions of life are the engine of social history. Their course is defined by the magnetic pull of Marxism.'"

You can expect the first hour of Morning Joe to be all about criticizing Sen. Cruz tomorrow.

But it would be as misguided as most of Morning Joe's criticisms of prominent Republicans. Even The New Yorker concedes the following:

It may be that Cruz was referring to a group of left-leaning law professors who supported what they called Critical Legal Studies, a method of critiquing the political impact of the American legal system. Professor Duncan Kennedy, for instance, a leader of the faction, who declined to comment on Cruz's accusation, counts himself as influenced by the writings of Karl Marx.

Influenced by Karl Marx? Yeah, it's probably okay to call that dude a communist.



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