AstroTurf Activists Pay Dopes $9-$11/Hour To Campaign Against Gun Rights February 24, 2013

So if gun control is so popular (and we know it is because Democrats keep telling us that it is and Democrats would never lie about that, would they?), then we must ask ourselves: Why is it necessary to pay certain citizens of the welfare state to protest for a cause which is already so popular?

And, yes, the thought was not lost on us that these clowns are protesting for gun control... in Chicago. In case you've been reading only liberal blogs (or articles from the lamestream media - not much difference), Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country and yet also sports some of the highest crime rates. There were over 500 murders in the city last year, and it looks like that number is going to be topped this year.

The liberal organization Progressive USA Voters, which is housed in the same progressive Denver office building as a chapter of the infamous left-wing astroturf group ProgressNow, is offering an hourly wage of between $9 and $11 to join its gun-control campaign in Chicago, according to a flyer that was photographed and posted to Reddit Friday.

“Join the Campaign to Stop Gun Violence” reads the flyer, which also notes, “Hourly Wage: $9-11/hr.”

Progressive USA Voters is specifically focused on the April 2013 special election for Jesse Jackson Jr.’s vacated House seat in Illinois’ Second Congressional District. The group is targeting Democratic primary candidate Debbie Halvorson, who accepted more than $10,000 from the National Rifle Association, according to the Progressive USA Voters website.

(The Daily Caller)


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