Maddow Whines That Republicans In Michigan Are Actually Trying To Fix Detroit February 23, 2013

Detroit has been ruled by liberals for decades, which is why it is the economic equivalent of an unflushed toilet after an all-night frat party.

Steven Crowder explained it all very well in the following video.

The Republican governor of Michigan, in response, is trying to do what Republicans do best: clean up the mess left behind by Democrats.

This has caused no small amount of worry from MSNBC's token lesbian, Rachel Maddow. She decries the fact that Gov. Rick Snyder is appointing an emergency manager to fix the pig sty that some people still call Detroit.

At issue is that the emergency manager is someone who is appointed, not elected. Therefore, the manager can override the will of the people by getting rid of incompetent elected officials. She says this as though it's a bad thing.

This "controversy" simply gets to the root of the problem with our current democracy: Stupid people are allowed to vote. And they usually vote for the exact same kinds of politicians that caused Detroit to become the most miserable city in the country. Apparently, some people never do learn.

We're happy that Gov. Snyder is handling these kinds of problems by executive fiat. History (e.g., California history) has shown that voters don't tend to vote themselves out of economic problems created by the welfare state, but rather for an expansion of the welfare state.

We wish Gov. Snyder all the best in this endeavor.

Maddow's whine is in the video below.


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