NYC Math Assignment: If You Whip Your Slave 5 Times Per Day, How Many Times Is That Per Month? February 22, 2013

One New York City public school teacher came up with a really cool way to teach kids basic math: Bring slavery into the equation!

One question in the homework assignment asked kids to calculate how many times a slave would be whipped in one month if the slave was whipped five times per day. We're not sure whether there was extra credit granted if the kids calculated the precise number of lashes a slave received if the whip had mutliple strands.

It's not all bad for the slaves in the homework, though. Even though one question asks how many slaves died when they took over a ship, keep in mind: they took over the ship!

Another plus: This assignment has received so much controversy that we're fairly certain that whatever math lessons these kids were supposed to learn from this will be indelibly imprinted on their minds for the rest of their lives.

(CNS News)


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