Update: Dems Still Want Your Kids To Grow Up To Be Pervs February 22, 2013

Sexual Politics 101: Democrats need perverts. That's a significant part of their voting bloc. So, naturally, they want as many people to be perverted as possible, so that they continue to win elections.

Which is, of course, why Sens. Barbara Lee and Frank Lautenberg are pushing for a new sex-ed law that is "light" on abstinence. because abstinence leads to morality and monogamy, and people who are moral and monogamous tend to vote Republican.

Promiscuous people are also more likely to support abortion rights - a key component of the Democratic Party's efforts to screw up this once great country. That fact is not lost on Democratic leadership, either.

Sen. Lauthenberg: "It's clear that abstinence-only sex education programs don't work."

Really? Prove it.


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