Noted Military Strategist Sandra Fluke: We Should Let Transsexuals Join The Military February 22, 2013

Oh, did you think that we were done once Dear Leader Obama let gays in the military?

Did you think that the sexual deviants would somehow be satisfied and say, "Okay, nothing left to do here!"

No no no no no no no no no....

See, one thing you must understand about liberals: They are never done.

You give them an inch, and they will want a mile.

And so here we are, with gays in the military (as though that is actually good thing) and sure enough along comes Mizzzzzz Sandra "$9 per month for birth control is too expensive" Fluke to tell us that we didn't go far enough: Now trannies should be admitted into the U.S. armed services.

Idea: Make a separate bunker just for gays (of both sexes) and trannies. See how long it takes for an orgy to commence and then dishonorably discharge the whole lot of 'em.

(The Daily Caller)


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