Eco-Whack: Let's Stop Immigration Because Immigrants Will Add To Global Warming February 21, 2013

Who knew that there was a left-wing argument against immigration?

Well, except for the labor argument, of course.

Quoting Philip Cafaro over at The Denver Post, Robert Zubrin shares this with us:

"And make no mistake: Immigrants are not coming to the United States to remain poor," warns the philosopher. "Those hundreds of millions of new citizens will want to live as well and consume energy at the same rates as other Americans... What climate change mitigation measures... could possibly equal the increased greenhouse gas emissions we would lock in by adding 145 million more new citizens to our population?"

And there you have it. We should build a bigger fence, secure the border, and enforce immigration laws so that we don't end up destroying the planet.

Maybe all those clowns who protested against the Keystone Pipeline in DC a few days ago should form a human chain across the Mexican border. They could satisfy their cravings to commit acts of violence by directing those acts against Mexican nationals. And they would serve the hallowed cause of preserving Mother Earth.

We suspect that this awesome new argument against immigration won't be put forth on MSNBC, even though environmental extremism is in line with that network's editorial guidelines. But alas, so is prohibiting any speech that might be deemed slightly, even possibly, racially insensitive by people who are overly sensitive about racial commentary as long as that commentary is in any way directed against someone whose skin tone is not entirely caucasian. Just ask Pat Buchanan.

But good news for liberals: The lamestream media will be more than happy to ignore this obvious rift between two extremist factions within the progressive movement.

It's the least they can do, after all.

(National Review)


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