Gawker Nimwit Surprised That A 'GunsForSale' Section Of Reddit Has A Gun For Sale February 21, 2013

We don't know much about Adrian Chen. But we do know this: Adrian Chen is a dork.

Most assuredly, a dork who doesn't care about the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, either.

At issue is this: Adrian Chen is surprised - astonished, really - that there is actually an AR-15 for sale on The fact that has a section clearly entitled "GunsForSale" should be a dead giveaway (oooh, bad choice of words) that there are guns for sale on that site.

But apparently it's a slow news day for progressives.

Oh, and by the way: He probably gave that little-known section of quite a bit more notoriety by publishing that lame excuse for an article.

So... thanks for doing the right thing for the wrong reason, Mr. Chen!


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